Paper caper big shot back in another mess

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The guy with the messiest parking lot in town has gotten himself into another mess.  

AdCorp owner Christopher Guiffre is in court for allegedly violating his probation and it looks like my Problem Solver investigation may have had something to do with it.

Last month, I told you how for months we found tons of papers dumped all over this parking lot in Warren.

On several days we found fresh Detroit Free Press inserts piled up on the ground and sometimes just in a dumpster.  We also found boxes of flyers from schools and businesses piled up in the parking lot - left out in the rain.

The owner of the business who was supposed to be delivering all these papers is Chris Guiffre - a guy with a colorful past that includes convictions for embezzlement and larceny by conversion.  

Plus, Chris is currently on probation for his third drunk driving conviction.

Chris had a bunch of excuses for me, claiming someone else must have dumped all the papers and set him up.

He also claimed the Free Press gives him more papers than he has delivery locations. And he even claimed that his company was making their deliveries and properly disposed of any extra papers or flyers.

And apparently Chris' own words and actions may have done him in. The Free Press cancelled their contract with Adcorp and a school district he was supposed to be delivering flyers for also launched an investigation.

A few days after our story aired, Guiffre's probation was violated.

He appeared in front of Judge Hala Jarbou.  He's accused of being involved in new criminal activity regarding his Adcorp business and with driving on a suspended license.

A special hearing will be held for Chris Guiffre to see if he did violate his probation. That will be held here at Oakland County Court on April 25.