Paper caper's dopey dumper does time

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Christopher Guiffre does some dopey stuff - like not showing up to court on time.

Judge: "Mr. Guiffre why are you 37 minutes late to my courtroom?"

Guiffre: "I had to take care of some banking matters today for my mom ...."

Judge: "I don't care, I don't care. You had a hearing set today for 10 am. I don't wait for you."

And the day would only get worse for Chris - like when he was led away in handcuffs.

Guiffre was suspected of failing to refrain from new criminal activity while on probation and driving on a suspended license. And it appears my Problem Solver investigation of Guiffre was what triggered the department of corrections investigation.

In February, I showed you the mess in the parking lot of Guiffre's Warren business.  Piles of undelivered newspapers and flyers that Chris was contracted to deliver through his company Adcorp.

Wolchek delivers a paper caper
Paper caper big shot back in another mess 
Guiffre blundered through his explanation to me and said someone else must have dumped the papers and set him up.

"He dumped them, he took pictures of them that he sent to you to try to get me in trouble," he said. "When I didn't do nothing."

The prosecutors saw my story and soon Guiffre was charged with violating his probation. In court, Prosecutor Kelly Collins holds a DVD with indisputable evidence. What is it?

"Footage from the FOX 2 News outlet here in Detroit that exposed the defendant's activities and also show footage that is dated February 15th, 2018 of the defendant driving his car as well as the surrounding circumstances of why FOX 2 is investigating him."

Guiffre pleads no contest to new criminal activity and guilty to driving on a suspended license.  He's on probation for felony drunk driving.  Plus, he has embezzlement and other fraud convictions in his past.
Judge Hala Jarbou is not happy with Chris.

"You seem to be doing whatever you want to be doing and that is not allowed," she said. 

And Chris looked shocked when she orders him to be taken away into custody.

And with that, the guy who should have been delivering papers and should not have been driving is taken away to the pokey.

Christopher Guiffre will have some time to think about all the dopey stuff he's done - 180 days in the Oakland County Jail with credit for 57 days he's already served in jail.  that's a long time.