Parents concerned after 'clown' threat on Facebook

LaGrange Police want to set the record straight after rumors of people dressed as clowns threatening children surfaced.

Officers said while there is no credible evidence, they are investigating a Facebook page in which several Troup County schools were named.

LaGrange Police said the page, which has been taken down was brought to their attention Monday.  On the page, officers said Callaway Elementary, Franklin Forest Elementary, Callaway Middle School, Troup County High School and Callaway High School were mentioned in a conversation, they believe by different people who had profile pictures of angry looking clowns.  In one post investigators said the person suggested raping women.

"It really does concern me because, it’s like, how are we going to keep our kids safe from people like that," said parent Brooke Roberson.  "It makes me want to keep my kids in the house forever."

Eric Parsons, who has two children, said he saw the Facebook page with his wife, adding that if someone showed up to a school dressed as a clown it would serve as a red flag to the staff and school resource officers.

"If anyone is actually paying attention which the ones around here definitely do because they will already know who is coming in and off campus," said Parsons.

In a statement to FOX 5, Troup County Schools said:

"We have been advised by local police that there is no credible evidence to support the various comments shared on social media.  Troup County Schools has received no direct threats.  We will continue working with our law enforcement agencies to protect our students and staff."

LaGrange Police said they are working on a search warrant for Facebook so they can try and figure out who created the account.

Parents said they will keep even a closer eye on their children until this is all resolved.

"It's weird, very weird to me," said parent Brionna Strickland.  "Hopefully they find out what is going on so one gets hurt."