Parents of child hit by speeding car on west side neighborhood speak out

It's not the easiest video to watch. 

A 3-year-old girl standing on her driveway, darts into the road as an SUV speeds by. She's clipped by the side of the vehicle.

Remarkably, young Areej comes away with only a bandage on her left knee. The incident however, still brings tears to her mom's eyes.

"When I saw the car, I saw my daughter - she was running - and I was screaming," said Dina Abdelhady.

Speeding cars is not a new occurrence in the neighborhood. Areej's father has spoken out about the problem before. However, with warmer weather on the horizon, it's likely to become a more common occurrence.

"Slow down, put your phones down, pay attention to what's going on," Zaher Abuelroos said. "Especially if you're on a residential street."

Warm weather doesn't just cause more people to drive faster. It's also a catalyst for more children playing outside. Creating the perfect recipe for tragedy, Areej came away okay. Others may not however, which is why the Detroit Police Department is echoing the same sentiment that Abuelroos said: slow down.

"Try to stay within that 20 to 25 mph zone," said Capt. Lashanna Potts. "It gives you enough distance and time if someone does dart out, it gives you that two-to-four second window."

Abuelroos has taken his complaints to the city, complaining at community meetings, repeating his concerns for other drivers to take it easy on residential roads. Police say that's exactly what concerned citizens should do. 

The family has even started a petition, getting neighbors to sign on and asking for speed bumps.

They plan on investigating the incident and will follow up with the family.