Parents of missing Mexican students visit Detroit to push for new investigation

How far would you go in your search for a missing loved one?  

Families from Mexico have spent the last six months criss-crossing the United States speaking to anyone who will listen in continued efforts into the investigation as to where their children are. The parents are trying to find out what happened to the 43 young souls who they believe were taken by their own government.

Maria Latempa is the mother of Jose Bartolo who is one of the missing. She says on September 26, and 27 her son along with other students were attacked by police officers. Apparently the students were taking part in a fundraising effort trying to get to Mexico City. "They were trying to participate in a demonstration to commemorate the massacre of 1968," Latempa says.

However, they never made it to their destination. Latempa has not given up hope and wants the world to know neither has any of the other parents searching for their children. "We know they are alive because so many people have told us they are alive," says Latempa. 

What happened to group is unclear. The families were told the police and military took them and killed them for defying the leadership of Mexico but that is an answer that Maria along with every other parent simply is not believing.  

Cruz Bautista Salvado, the uncle of Benjamin Ascencio says, "we haven't heard anything from the government about what happened or anything we still haven't from them." Salvado's nephew is also one of missing 43. "He went to the university with the idea of being a professor," says Salvado. 

The parents have come to America and Detroit desperate for the truth and because they have no trust in their own leaders back home in Mexico.

The families of the missing 43 have spread out across the country trying to bring as much awareness to the issue as they can. So far they've visited St. Louis, Chicago, and Milwaukee. 

From here they will go to Ohio where once again they will be telling their story in hopes that someone will have an answer for them.