ParkDetroit system improving with new upgrades around the city

As the City of Detroit continues its rebound more and more people are looking to experience what Detroit has to offer and that increases demands for parking. 

"This is going to be a benefit to the public," Keith Hutchings with the City of Detroit said. 

In response to demands for parking, the city is upgrading parking kiosks, it's just one step the city is utilizing to enhance the ParkDetroit system.

"We're in the process of upgrading over 500 of existing kiosks to new touch screen technology, Hutchings said. It's easier to see during bright days."

"You can get text alerts if you are about to run out of parking time and text receipts, those are functions you can't get right now, he said." 

On Thursday, city workers were busy installing the first enhanced parking kiosk machines. It's a process that will take nearly 8 weeks to complete as hundreds are installed.

Enhancements will also include an upgrade to the ParkDetroit mobile app.

"When we couple this with upgrades to the ParkDetroit App it will give you more visibility to parking options throughout the entire city," he said. 

Part of the upgrade is to add kiosks throughout the city and that includes The Avenue of Fashion where parking is in high demand.

The parking kiosks on The Avenue were removed during the streetscape project but will soon return.

But one concerned citizen would like to see paid parking near neighborhoods be a thing of the past because it can force parking into residential areas.

"People are going to block driveways put trash in the neighborhood," concerned citizen Eric Blount said. 

But city officials believe sufficient paid parking is key to Detroit's continued progress.

City officials maintain the enhancements to its ParkDetroit system and will help continue Detroit's comeback 

"When we complete this plan you'll have opportunities to see public and private parking, be able to see pricing, availability, and make a choice all in one location," Hutchings said.