Patreice Massey, voice of African American community, has died

Patreice Massey, the former managing editor for the Michigan Chronicle and a voice for the Black community, has died.

Massey spent her career reporting news important to the African American community and was the Managing Editor for the Michigan Chronicle from 2017 to 2019. 

On December 5, she passed away of natural causes at the age of 37.

Massey was the youngest managing editor for the Michigan Chronicle and her family said she dreamed of having her own production company.

In 2019, she was part of Kanye West's Sunday Service Choir when he brought the event to Detroit.

In an interview with the Michigan Chronicle, her mother described her as a people person, through and through. 

She's survived by her husband and three children, 16, 8, and 3.

“The Michigan Chronicle was privileged to be a platform for Patreice’s talents as she served in several roles within the organization. Her contributions to the community and our publication have left an imprint and she will be missed,” said Michigan Chronicle Publisher, Hiram E. Jackson.