Paving for pizza: Domino's fills Hamtramck potholes

Earlier this summer, Domino's launched a campaign to help ensure your pizza gets to your front door safely - by filling potholes. On Friday, they filled one in Hamtramck.

Domino's says they're saving pizza, one pothole at a time by fixing cracks, bumps and other road conditions that can put good pizzas at risk after they leave the store. 

"The potholes are bad. I say fill'em up. They need to be filled up," said Terrace Hurston.

After the brutal winter, customers were given a chance to nominate their hometowns. 

"I think this is great, because I'm kind of tired of potholes messing up tires and going down the street and hitting them so this is really great. And I love Domino's Pizza so I think this is awesome," Hurston said.

Hamtramck is about two square miles in size and Domino's plans to fill the potholes on every street - even the alleys.

"I'm a resident of Hamtramck, I work in Hamtramck, I love Hamtramck and we're doing this together. We're paving for pizza. Domino's says, 'yes we did.'" said Andrea Hatcher.

Domino's has received more than 137,000 nominations from more than 15,000 zip codes in every state. 

If you think your town is in need of some pothole repair, you can nominate your city at