Pawn shop manager catches baby falling off store's counter

A pawn shop manager in Utah is being applauded after catching a baby that was about to fall off the store’s counter in a tumble captured by surveillance cameras.

Manager Bill Reel told KUTV in Salt Lake City that two women were looking at a rifle on Dec. 7 when one of them set the baby on the glass counter in the Family Pawn store located in the city of Hurricane. The city is in the southwestern part of Utah, about 140 miles (225 kilometers) miles from Las Vegas.

Reel says he saw the child teetering as he approached the counter. He bolted toward the infant and caught the baby just as the child fell.

Video shows the child tumbling, head down, toward the concrete floor before being caught in Reel's arms.

One of the women then takes the child back from Reed as the uninjured infant cries.