Peaceful protest held in Rochester 

As protests against police brutality continue across the country, communities around Metro Detroit, are also making their voices heard.

On Saturday, hundreds gathered near Downtown Rochester for a peaceful demonstration. 

"I think it's great that it's happening in Rochester hills because this is a mostly white community, so it's exciting to see all the young people and people from every section of our society," said one protester Bruce Fealk.

"We all need to be able to live here together peacefully and coexist as a society, but we can't do that when there's a group of people who are literally and metaphorically getting stepped on their necks," said protest organizers, Dex Roman. 

Roman said the demonstration to support Black Lives Matter came together in a matter of days, and the community support was overwhelming. 

Protesters marched through downtown, past the police station to a park, where they knelt for over 8 minute. 

"8 minutes and 46 seconds is how long the officer had his knee on top of George Floyd's neck until he died," Roman said. "We're here today because our people are hurting, our people dying it's not matter of Democrat or republican, it's not a matter of white versus black, this is right versus wrong."

Rochester police officers also marched in the crowd while making sure demonstrators stay safe. 

"We are demonstrating we don't stand for violent," Said Rochester Police Chief Steve Schettenhelm." We hire good communicators, we properly vet our people before they come to the Rochester police department to make sure they will properly protect and serve the public."

With that support, he group of peaceful protesters were able to take comfort in knowing their voices are joining a movement across the country and calling for an end to police brutality.