Pedestrians lift vehicle off victim after driver loses control

Peguies's friend "Bear" was parking his car just after midnight Tuesday heading to Boogie Down, when a Jeep began to veer off the road where he was standing.

"He must have been going at least 55, when he hit the first car, he bounced off the first car hit three more cars." Bear said.

That's when friends say they saw the driver hit Peguies who was about to cross the street.

Unable to free Peguies, witnesses called police.  Friends of the victim inside the club came out to help.

"It took about a 15-20 of them but it was a Jeep Cherokee, we lifted a whole Cherokee," Bear said. "We pulled two wheels and pulled him out."

Witnesses say the victim appeared crushed from the pelvis down, bleeding from his head, and was rushed to the hospital.  Friends say the driver stayed and kept apologizing

Detroit police say Peguies remains in critical condition, no drugs or alcohol appear to be involved. They say the driver will be charged, but those charges are dependent upon Peguies's condition.

"I hope he get better," Bear said. "I feel sorry for him and that it happened to him, God is with him and  will bring him through this."