Person of interest in rape of Detroit teen in custody

The Detroit Police Department announced Friday that a person of interest was in custody for the rape of one teen and may have attempted to abduct another teen this week in Detroit.

Police announced the arrest of the 22-year-old and are calling him a person of interest at this time. Detroit Police released a sketch Thursday and say community members helped lead to his arrest.

He was arrested in a home near Henry Ford High School on the city's northwest side Friday morning. The area isn't far from where a 15-year-old girl tells FOX 2 she was waiting for her walking partner Wednesday morning - who had been killed in an accident the day before - and she cut through O'Hair Park to go to school. She said a masked man with a black handgun grabbed her and raped her.

Detroit Police Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt said the girl recognized him from the week before when he was hanging out near the school and was able to give them a description. That was the break in the case.

"The person who was assaulted, though she was traumatized, said 'I think I recognize this individual and this is what the individual looks like.' That's huge," Dolunt said.

Detroit police also say the description of the man in custody and his car, a blue Chrysler 300 with white stripes, matches the description a 14-year-old boy gave when he says the same man attempted to abduct him Wednesday night.

"I think it's a crime off opportunity and I think he was targeting several individuals," Dolunt said.

Detroit police say they're searching the home where the man was arrested and have recovered a car matching the description and other physical evidence linking him to the rape of that teen. Now police say while they are confident this alleged rapist is off the street they believe there may be more victims out there, already.

Dolunt asked any parents who may have seen someone matching the sketch or the car to come forward. Police plan to interview the person of interest and pursue charges Saturday, when he may be arraigned.