Pet dog shot by DPD in front of child comes home after month of recovery

A little boy and his dog have been happily reunited after the pet was shot by police last month. 

Elijah Hughs asked police for help to catch his dog after he got loose while they were out on a walk. Elijah saw a Detroit police car and flagged the officer down for help.  

But the situation ended with a Detroit police officer shooting Stormy - right in front of the boy - claiming the animal charged at him. 

"I didn't know that they had shot him. I thought they just like, made the sound so they could freak out and run," Elijah told us back in May. The dog survived but was badly hurt. He was able to limp back home with the 9-year-old.

The family then handed Stormy over to Detroit Dog Rescue for care, something they couldn't afford themselves.

After a jaw replacement and a month of recovery at the Union Lake Veterinary Hospital, Stormy is now back at home with Elijah and his family. 

For their part, Detroit Police officials said a 911 caller reported vicious dogs in the area and, when they arrived, they said Stormy charged at them.

"We don't know if the dog is friendly or not. It's running toward the officer and the officers have to make a split decision at that time," Captain Keeth Williams with Detroit Police said in May

Williams said officers follow protocol when an officer is threatening an officer.

Stormy wasn't killed and that's where Rinaldi comes in.

Stormy had to undergo emergency car, surgery, and had an intense recovery from reconstructive surgery. And it worked. Oakland Veterinary Referral Services built Stormy a new jaw and on Thursday, Rinaldi and the Detroit Dog Rescue brought Stormy home.

There were tears as Stormy returned to her loving family. 

But the Detroit Dog Rescue isn't done with Stormy. Rinaldi said she's in their ssytem and they'll monitor her progress and safety - and also talk to her family every week.