Pet owners face eviction from new Pontiac apartment management

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Photo by Jessica Dupnack

Some Pontiac residents have been living at the same apartment complex for decades and were always allowed to have pets. 

Now, without even a day's notice, they were told they had to get rid of them or face eviction.

"I think it's a bunch of (expletive)," said one resident.

The new pet policy is causing outrage and tears at North Hill Farms in Pontiac.

"As of April 1st they're going to tell me I can't have my cats," said Carol Williams. "They are my kids. They are the only thing I've got."

FOX 2 ran into Carol Williams Paying her April rent at North Hill Farms in Pontiac.

The new management company here has new rules for the 500-unit facility. 

"I'm keeping my cats they've been with me since I moved in," Williams said.

She and her husband have lived there almost decades, always with pets. 

This letter from management is dated March 30 it says pets have to be out by April 1. That allowed for 48 hours.

Carol says she didn't even get her letter until April 2.

FOX 2 wanted to ask Property Manger Angela White about the short notice change to the pet policy. They didn't answer the door. Or when we called.

The tenants there pay month to month, it is unclear if that is how management is getting around any legal pushback.

"It's a family member, you're asking people to get rid of a family member," said Lori Elliot. "And it is not easy to do that."

Lori Elliot manages animal Care Network - they help low income families meet their pet’s needs. It is also where a lot of these confused tenants are turning for help. 

"A lot of them don't have transportation," Elliot said. "You can't put a dog on a bus and take them to a shelter, that's not going to really work. So I don't know what they're going to do."

Because we couldn't reach management - FOX 2 doesn't know how or when they will terminate leases. Lori says she's preparing for worst case scenario.

"Don't surrender any animals right now," she said. "Because we might not be able to get them back. 

Carol says she's not going anywhere. And neither is Smokey and Radar.