Phase 3 of I-75 construction starts, bringing 5-mile stretch of lane closure

The latest phase of the I-75 modernization project is going on between 13 Mile and 8 Mile.

Starting Sunday, the right lane of southbound I-75 will be closed for the five-mile stretch between 13 Mile and 8 Mile until November as crews get ready to rebuild more than five miles of placement, replace 22 bridges, construct retaining walls and install new drainage ramps.

"I remember when I was going down to Wayne State, classmates that literally had parts of bridges fall on their car, I remember a girl got into an accident that way," Mark Coco said.

In addition to the lane closure on I-75, crews will shut down the westbound I-696 ramp to southbound I-75, the southbound I-75 exit to 8 Mile Road, southbound I-75 exit to 9 Mile Road, and the 9 Mile Road entrance ramp to southbound I-75. 

"I've heard that [the roads] like, are among the worst in the county. I know there has been talk about gas tax to address some things, I would be in favor of it. I wish it wasn't a tax that is as regressive as gas taxes are, I think there is a lot of people who can't afford it," Coco said.