PHOTOS: Irate woman ransacks gas station store

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Early Thursday morning, a Detroit woman became so upset, she destroyed a gas station on the city's east side.

The woman was at the Marathon station near the intersection of Davison and McNichols around 3:30 Thursday morning. The office manager of the station said the woman was barefoot when she walked into the gas station.

She asked for a cigar, he gave it to her, and she lit it up. Then she demanded a different brand. The clerk tells her she has to pay for the one she's already smoking. That's when she got upset.

According to station manager Danyelle Howard, she took her frustrations out on everything in her path.

Like a human wrecking ball, she pushed everything over with no sign of stopping. At one point, she even grabbed a wrench out of the back room and broke open cooler doors.

The entire time, the clerk is watching it unfold from behind the counter and bullet proof glass. So he called police.

The police showed up and she showed no sign of stopping. She continued her rampage for several more minutes until they finally got close enough to handcuff her.

The store sent photos of the woman's destruction to FOX 2. She knocked over entire racks of chips and candy:

Smashed glass out of the doors of the cooler:

And knocked over at least one cappuccino machine:

Detroit Police say the woman was arrested for malicious destruction of property and was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital. Police say she has been checked into the psych ward.

The crew spent hours Thursday morning cleaning up and trying to repair the damage done.