Pickup truck thieves crash through walls of 2 more Detroit party stores

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The damage done is extensive after a car rammed into the side of the building at this liquor store off of Grand River. 

This is the second time they have been hit in the last three months. The owners spent thousands trying to keep thieves out, but it didn't work.

"Is this fair? I'm 61 years old is it fair for me to work 12 hours a day and come to work like this," said Amy Issa, the owner.

You can't blame Issa for being furious - her convenience store off Grand River on Detroit's west side has been struck by smash and grab robbers again and again. 

"Two and a half months ago I paid $35,000 because insurance didn't cover it," she said. "And now I have about $40,000 damage."

Take a look at surveillance video from around 4:30 a.m. Thursday - a 1994 Dodge pickup truck rammed into the cement block wall making a gaping hole and covering her store with debris.

They were after cigarettes and liquor…they filled garbage cans to the brim. 

"They filled the crates then they walked off comfortably like they are at home or something, like who's going to come," Issa said.

About 45 minutes earlier, the same thing happened at S&G Liquor off of Wyoming. There isn't surveillance video but the police say a similar older model Dodge truck was seen in the area. 

"I'm frustrated with all this damage for no reason at all," the owner said. "They stole a lot of liquor, a lot of cigarettes, a lot of expenses - at least $20,000 worth."

Sources tell FOX 2 there could have been as many as a dozen on the city's west side in the last month. Detroit police would not say if it's the same crew. 

Sadly, it’s become part of business as usual for Amy. 

"I remember about four or five years ago it happened five times in two months," Issa said. "And police didn't do anything."

Like so many of the stores that are targeted - they can't afford decent insurance…the rates are so high because of the liability. 

"I can't afford good insurance, I have like Mickey Mouse insurance," she said.

She owns the building so she's not going anywhere, all she can is rebuild. 

"My customers tell me when you open a business in Detroit, you knew what you were facing," she said. "Isn't that something."