Piece of concrete falls at Comerica Park after game Sunday (UPDATED)

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UPDATE: The Detroit Tigers released a statement about the chunks of concrete that fell at Comerica Park:

"On Monday, ballpark operations, along with a local contractor, and a City of Detroit inspector, assessed damage to an outer portion of a concrete step in the upper deck. A repair was made to the step. In addition, a thorough inspection deemed all areas to be structurally sound and secure." 

That was after those in attendance at Sunday's game say it could have been a very bad situation.

Chunks of concrete fell near one of the main concourses, frightening many of the thousands who were attempting to leave the park.

As pictures from those who attended the game show, the concrete pieces were about the size of your fist.

Officials say no one was injured.

But where did it come from? Fans want to know.

Tuesday's game is the first home game since the fist-sized chunks of concrete fell onto the main level concourse after the Tigers' last home game on Sunday.

We've reached out multiple times to Comerica Park officials but they say they are still trying to find out why the concrete fell.

Officials had been trying to determine if any other parts of the concrete are at risk of crumbling.

The area where the concrete fell is secure and no fan will be allowed in the area, FOX 2 is told.

The Tigers now start a three game series against the Los Angeles Angels at home in Comerica Park.