Piles of tires left behind after building demolition on east side

A building is demolished on Detroit's east side -- but a big mess is left behind.

Piles and piles of tires now sit at the corner of Seven Mile and Mound and neighbors have had enough.

The people who live in this area say if they lived in a suburban community they would not see hundreds of tires just sitting in their neighborhood.

"If we were in Grosse Pointe, St Clair Shores, anywhere," said resident Nathan Lindsey. "But we're on the east side of Detroit, Seven Mile here, come on. They don't care. I care. They've got to come get it."

FOX 2 learned that a city-hired contractor in Detroit demolished a building at this now vacant lot back on Aug. 9 near the corner of Seven Mile and Mound.

People who live in the area say the tires had been sitting behind the building for years. So FOX 2 put in a call to get answers on why the tires are still sitting there.

A spokesperson for the Mayor Mike Duggan's office said the tires should have been cleared within 30 days after demolition, and come Monday the tires will be gone.

"We can't have this in Detroit," Lindsey said. "Whoever tore this building down, they know there were supposed to move these tires. So the mayor has to deal with them."

Residents like Nathan Lindsey and others have worried about possible hazards and health concerns.

"They're not only leaving it there, they're leaving a fire hazard, a rat hazard, a raccoon hazard, every animal known," he said.

"Do you much rain is in those tires and how many mosquitoes are in there," asked another resident.

According to Duggan's office, the demolition contractor has not yet been paid, and they won't until the job is done.