Pioneer behind DPD tactical training nominated for Women in Blue award

At the corner of Serve Avenue and Protect Road, an officer cuffs a man after making him get out of is truck.

Those three words "You're under arrest" can be heard. The suspect turns around and complies.

It's your everyday traffic stop. Except it's not a traffic stop. And both of those streets aren't real. And those aren't real officers - well, not yet.

"This whole initiative I didn't copy or think of anyone else that had it," said Tanda Rawls-Owens, a Detroit Police Department, neighborhood officer. "So as far as I'm concerned, it's one of a kind."

Rawls-Owens has pioneered several training programs during her tenure with the DPD. There's cameras overseeing fake buildings and manufactured convenient stores and coffee shops all designed to help train new officers.

Her initiatives are taking notice and earning her accolades. Rawls-Owens is a finalist for the Women in Blue Officer of the Year award.

"Females play an important role in our society," she said. "We are natural nurturers. And I think with a lot of what I do, it comes from the nurturing side to fulfill a void in our community."

Her commendations extend beyond just improving the course for new police officers. She's also organized giveaways for toys, food and coats. 

Twenty women have been nominated and the winner will be announced Thursday.