Pistons win NBA Draft Lottery No. 1 pick

The Detroit Pistons won the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft Tuesday night in the league's lottery.

After a long season in which the team posted the second-worst record in the league at 20-52, the Pistons were in a three-way tie with the highest percentage chance with the other two worst teams at 14 percent.

It will be the Pistons' first top-five selection since they took Darko Milicic second overall in 2003, and their third in the past 40 years. They also took Grant Hill third overall in 1994.

In six of the last 14 drafts Detroit has actually dropped lower in the lottery and has never won the draft lottery before.

Oklahoma State point guard Cade Cunningham is considered by many the top pick in the draft, while USC center Evan Mobley and shooting guard Jalen Green round out the expected top three in some order. 

If the Pistons keep the pick, it'll be the first time they select No. 1 overall since taking Bob Lanier in 1970. Houston will pick second, Cleveland will pick third, and Toronto will pick fourth. 

The order is below:

  1. Detroit
  2. Houston
  3. Cleveland
  4. Toronto
  5. Orlando
  6. Oklahoma City
  7. Golden State
  8. Orlando
  9. Sacramento
  10. New Orleans
  11. Charlotte
  12. San Antonio
  13. Indiana
  14. Golden State
  15. Washington
  16. Boston
  17. Memphis
  18. Oklahoma City or Houston (from Miami)
  19. New York
  20. Atlanta
  21. New York (from Dallas)
  22. L.A. Lakers
  23. Houston (from Portland)
  24. Houston (from Milwaukee)
  25. L.A. Clippers
  26. Denver
  27. Brooklyn
  28. Philadelphia
  29. Phoenix
  30. Utah

  31. Milwaukee (from Houston)
  32. New York (from Detroit via L.A. Clippers and Philadelphia)
  33. Orlando
  34/35. New Orleans (from Cleveland via Atlanta)
  34/35. Oklahoma City
  36. Oklahoma City (from Minnesota via Golden State)
  37. Detroit (from Toronto via Brooklyn)
  38/39/40. New Orleans
  38/39/40. Sacramento
  38/39/40. Chicago
  41/42. San Antonio
  41/42. Detroit (from Charlotte via New York)
  43. New Orleans (from Washington via Milwaukee, Cleveland and Utah)
  44. Brooklyn (from Indiana)
  45. Boston
  46. Toronto (from Memphis via Sacramento)
  47. Toronto (from Golden State via Utah and New Orleans)
  48. Atlanta (from Miami via Sacramento and Portland)
  49. Brooklyn (from Atlanta)
  50. Philadelphia (from New York)
  51. Memphis (from Portland via Dallas, Detroit and Cleveland)
  52. Detroit (from L.A. Lakers via Sacramento, Houston and Detroit)
  53. New Orleans (from Dallas)
  54. Indiana (from Milwaukee via Houston and Cleveland)
  55. Oklahoma City (from Denver via Golden State and Philadelphia)
  56. Charlotte (from L.A. Clippers)
  57. Charlotte (from Brooklyn)
  58. New York (from Philadelphia)
  59. Brooklyn (from Phoenix)
  60. Indiana (from Utah)

-The Associated Press contributed to this report.