Pizza delivery driver ambushed and carjacked in Detroit

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Neighbors say it’s the third time someone has been robbed. The driver did not know she was making a delivery to an abandoned house until it was too late. 

“He guided me into an ambush."

Martina Jennings is still shaken up after she was robbed at gunpoint Sunday night. Her new, used car with a baby seat inside was stolen, all while driving a Papa’s Pizza on the 5200 block of Pacific in Detroit. 

“I wasn’t even on the porch, I’m on the sidewalk you yelling, ‘how much is the order?’ and I said, it’s $90. When he said that order can’t be that much or whatever I knew something was up then, so I started backing up," she said. 

But it was too late.

“When I turned around, I got a gun pointed on the left side of my rib cage," Jennings said.  

They took the pizza, cash, her wallet and phone. All the while she was praying they would not take it a step further. 

“I’m hoping they don’t take me, I’m more scared of being taken than robbed."

“The car took off real fast, so the young lady was tapping on my window saying she just got robbed,” Bobby Lewis said. 

The men who preyed on Martina made good use of the abandoned houses on Pacific. 

Martina thinks a few of the others were camped out across the street from the abandoned home. 

A neighbor tells Fox 2 he’s boarded up a few of the houses several times, but someone undoes his work every single time. 

“Real disgusting man, I wish they would tear these houses down, you know what I’m saying, because they’re using that address to draw people in,” Lewis said. 

Now Martina, a single mom is trying to map out her next move. 

“I really want my car back because I can’t get my kids to school and today they didn’t go to school, and I’m probably not going to be taking them until I figure something out,” she said. 

Papa's Pizza is still delivering to the neighborhood, but encouraging drivers to pull the plug if they feel unsafe. 

Martina says she was able to get a decent look at one of the guys, she says he was in his late teens or early 20s about 5’11 with a medium complexion and 4-inch long box braids. 

If you have any information about what happened, please call Detroit Police.