Plane found crashed in Canada, Michigan student vanishes without a trace

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Police in Canada are investigating a 'ghost plane' crash after a University of Michigan graduate student has disappeared after the plane was found crashed in Canada.

The plane was rented from Ann Arbor last week but was found downed in northern Ontario, about 400 miles from Harbor Springs, the plane's destination.

The plane was found on autopilot and out of gas but little to other clues were found. According to Thunder Bay News, there was nothing that suggested anyone was near the plane when it crashed and there weren't even footprints in the snow.

Ontario Provincial Police said they completed a subsequent search of the area for the student, but it was unsuccessful.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada and University of Michigan police are continuing to investigate the plane crash and the student has been filed as a missing person.

The student's name, however, has not been released.