Players want cameras at Detroit cricket field after carjacking, robbery

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Last summer Detroit opened a new cricket field giving fans of the game their first place to play.

But one man says he was robbed and carjacked at the field, last week, sending him to the hospital. Lasky Field near the Detroit Hamtramck border, has been a big hit as Detroit's first cricket field in 40 years. But an attack there last week has the cricket community on edge and the field empty.

FOX 2: "These kids came up and said this guy is punching us and trying to take our phones?"

"Exactly, exactly," said Delwar Ansar.

Ansar, 33, and the players were leaving the field the evening of May 9th at the time of the incident. Ansar is a mentor to the teenagers and young men who play there. When he heard some were being attacked, he backed up his Lincoln Navigator to get to the players in the parking lot but was instead confronted by the suspect.
Ansar got out of his Navigator, the man put him in a headlock and knocked him unconscious, stealing his SUV.
But Ansar is more upset about what happened to his players.

"After he took my car - he was trying to hit all the kids," Ansar said.

The players ran for cover under the trees as the suspect tried to run them down before taking off.

Michigan State Police were able to locate the stolen SUV the next day -on May 10 and make an arrest.

Ibrahim Blair is now charged with carjacking and robbery. It's alleged he stole Ansar's Navigator, his important documents and computers, used his credit card and worse - left him hospitalized.  

Now Ansar's asking the city for surveillance cameras to keep this from happening again.

"Please - take it seriously, put surveillance cameras around the grounds and parking lot so that way all the kids and all the parents will feel safe to play cricket safely," Ansar said.

The city told FOX 2 it may not be possible to install surveillance cameras but Detroit police will be dispatching extra patrols to the area, ensuring the cricket field is once again a fun and safe place to play.