Plymouth police respond to teen house party of hundreds

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A 16-year -old girl Plymouth girl's small gathering of friends turned into a house party of hundreds while her parents were out of town.   

Police responded to a call Saturday morning at 12:30 and sent an estimated 300-400 people packed in the East Fellows Creek Court home scrambling.

Dr. Hazem Samir says the home in the Plymouth country club subdivision was the place to be Friday night.

"I couldn't even find a place for me to go down the road," said Samir. "Cars were right and left and I heard them say, we're all going to end up in jail tonight."

Dr. Samir added, "I saw green and yellow and blue lights I said man they're having a disco in the street and it turned out to be the police lights."

Lt. Bob Antall says contacting the homeowner was harder than expected.

"We couldn't locate the homeowner. That was an issue."

It turns out the homeowner and most of the family members were in California and left their 16-year-old daughter home alone.  A small gathering she was having quickly turned into a big mess.   A shattered basketball hoop and busted fence were visible from the outside, but police say it was much worse.

"Numerous alcohol bottles, beer bottles, things like that were found."

When police went inside they found a girl passed out in the bedroom who was later taken to the hospital and 75 to 100 people in the basement.  They also discovered damages including kitchen cabinets pulled of the walls and the patio wall knocked over.

Police say social media definitely played a role in the chaos.

"Social media - it spread like wildfire so we're not even 100 percent where these kids were from," said Antall.  "They could be from miles away."

It's not yet clear if there will be any charges or tickets issued.