Pokemon Go phone app takes country by storm, but watch where you go

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Pokemon isn't new -- but the new "Pokemon Go" game is putting a new spin on the console classic.

The app has taken the country by storm in just a few short days. Here's how it works players track down virtual characters-- by walking around their town with the app open. If you find one a character-- you can set up a beacon to let other players know they're there. 

It's the new craze which forces you to get out of the house, and use your GPS to catch Pokemon.

FOX 2 has only been here at the Detroit Zoo one minute and already ran into people playing Pokemon Go.

The app launched last Wednesday and is breaking records for how many times it's been downloaded, almost as much as Twitter.

The app tracks where you are using GPS. On the screen, you can see the locations of Pokemon, pokemarts, and training gyms. As you approach, the Pokemon and items are revealed.

Restaurants, churches, historical markers and more are utilized in the alternate reality game, but watch where you go. The app has already been used to lure players into secluded spots.

Some users were robbed in Missouri on Sunday and countless others have reported injuries running into objects, while they're too busy looking at their screens.

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