Police: 41-year-old woman dies in Sterling Heights domestic situation

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A sprawling apartment complex near Lakeside Mall was roped off in crime scene tape Tuesday afternoon as Sterling Heights police investigated the city's first homicide of 2018. 

Police say the death was the result of a domestic situation between two family members. Police say a single 911 call was made to police - and it was from the suspect himself. 

Police aren't going into detail about what said during the call but they did know it was for "family trouble," they said. And once police arrived they didn’t have to search very hard for the adult male said to be responsible for the homicide. 

"As we arrived the suspect came outside," said Chief Dale Dwojakowski, Sterling Heights police. "There was no altercation; no nothing. We took him into custody immediately."

They say the death occurred inside the unit where they found the 41-year-old female victim. Emergency personnel immediately tried to revive her. 

 "Twenty to 30 minutes after starting medical procedures she was pronounced dead at the scene,"  Dwojakowski said.

Police wouldn't say if anyone else was inside the apartment with them and since they are in the process of reaching relatives, they are not releasing names at this time.

They are also not telling us the manner of death, but police did say whatever threat there was at this apartment is over now. 

"We are not looking for any kind of firearm or weapon in the area," the chief said. "Children shouldn't be alarmed. At this point, we just want to make sure the public and the people that live in that apartment complex that we believe that area to be safe."

The suspect is expected to appear in court on Wednesday.