Police: A little fireworks etiquette goes a long way

The fireworks business is booming in Michigan - but not everyone thinks it's such a blast.

While many love blasting off fireworks this July 4 weekend, Michigan State Police remind us all to mind our manners.

"At 2 in the morning is probably not the best time to set off fireworks," said Lt. Michael Shaw. "I think we can probably be nice to our neighbors and do them at more of an appropriate time."

And  also respect the law this weekend.

"First check with your local police departments see what your city's ordinances are," he said.

While police reiterate that alcohol and fireworks don't mix.

"If you can't drive a car while you are under the influence, blowing up a mortar probably isn't the best idea in the world," Shaw said.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources also reminds campers and neighbors to keep fireworks away from homes and brush. 

The National Fire Protection Association estimates an average of 20,000  fires caused by fireworks each year. And where you light those fireworks -- could also be illegal.

"For those who like to step out into the middle of the street and set off fireworks, you're actually breaking the law," Shaw said.

While we know that grilling and watching fireworks is a blast for all of us, it's not exactly a holiday for our furry friends.

Wendy Stroup of C.H.A.I.N.E.D Inc. Animal Rescue warns to be extra careful of pets and make sure they have their collars and tags on at all times.
Stroup suggests leaving your pet inside, in a place where your pet feels safe. She also says to clean up before letting your dog or cat out  because what's left over from fireworks could be just as dangerous.