Police and manager suspect inside job in theft of $10K from strip club

The crime took all of six minutes. 

"6:51 they came, and 6:57 they were out."

Around Saturday morning at 7 a.m., two men broke into the Charmed Gentleman's Club on Dix near Oakwood on the city's southwest side. One came prepared, wearing a mask and a pink backpack, while the other was clearly spotted on camera.

The thieves stole over $10,000 in cash from the business.

"This was one of our biggest weeks being here, and just to see it get just taken away within six minutes is discouraging," said DJ Lish, general manager of the club.

Surveillance across the parking lot showed the two men creeping around outside the business before hopping a fence and entering the back door.

"They had a crowbar, broke them two locks, came straight to the office, didn't damage nothing in the club," said Lish.

While in the club's office, the two men dug out cash from three areas and shoving the money into that pink backpack.

However, it's this moment that tipped off the general manager to what appears to be an inside job. The safe where money is normally stored wasn't even working at the time of the break-in. Instead, the thieves went directly to the spots where the money was stored, paying no mind to the natural place where money is stored.

"They went straight to three spots where the money was at and they didn't even check the safe. Just look at the video, didn't glance at it," said Lish.

The owner and general manager are offering a $5,000 reward for those involved in the heist. 

"The guy who didn't have a mask on, that's the person that the detectives already got a tip on," said Lish.

But that's not the only identity police have a lock on. It appears some people who previously were employed at the club haven't been coming to work.

"All of my staff is continuing to come to work, but just a few people have not come back to work since the incident happened," said Lish.