Police arrest fugitive wanted for spraying street with AR-15

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Police say a violent criminal is off the streets tonight as one of Detroit's Most Wanted criminals was arrested after nine months on the run.

Fugitive Shawn Lee Byrd is accused of using an AR-15 firing at least 16 shots in September, 2017 on Forrer Street allegedly over a love triangle on Forrer. 

He was found thanks to a routine traffic stop, then ran from police before being captured early Tuesday.

"He unfortunately ran up against one of our younger, newer troopers and he was not going to win that (foot)race," said Lt. Michael Shaw, Michigan State Police. "As part of traffic enforcement we get bad guys off the street."

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Byrd was wanted for attempted murder among other things for hitting two people with bullets

Byrd allegedly fired a shot and misses, then called with a threat.

"'Hey I'm coming to shoot up your house,'" said Lt. Ian Severy, Detroit police.

When he came back, police say he opened fire.

Michigan State Police got him in custody using finger print scanners in the squad car.

From the time MSP arrested the suspect to the time he was in custody was only about a half hour.