Police bodycam video shows rescue of overdosing driver inside running car

Wyandotte police came to the rescue of a driver who passed out from a drug overdose behind the wheel of a car at a busy intersection.

Not even the sound of breaking glass could wake the driver on Eureka near Fort Street at 10:30 p.m. May 6th.

"They were pounding on the window attempting to get attention," said Deputy Chief Archie Hamilton."The only thing left, was to break the window and unlock the door themselves.

"The only thing stopping them from rolling into oncoming traffic is the foot of an unconscious person. Not only is she a danger to herself but she is a danger to others. that’s a real problem."

Having encountered this before officers knew what to do.

"They took their patrol car and pulled it directly into that front bumper."

Once the car was secure, police turned their attention to the driver.

"At any moment their life can slip away, so the officers have to - without delay - get inside the vehicle and start live-saving techniques," Hamilton said.

After breaking the window, the officer cut his hand in the process all to make sure they didn't lose her.

"If they make a decision, it has to be now in order to have the best outcome," Hamiton said.

According to the deputy chief, the police did everything right and the driver's life was saved. The officer is expected to make a full recovery.  

The woman behind the wheel was taken to the hospital and will be charged with operating while intoxicated, possession of a controlled substance, and driving on a suspended license.