Police chase teens down in Livonia gun store break-in attempt

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Early Thursday morning surveillance video caught the duo dressed in hoodies and facemasks - one using a crow bar - the other a log splitter -  trying to break through the front of Shooter's Service on Six Mile in Livonia.

Inside the store was metal fencing - as well as the owner.

"It's like trying to get into a pork and bean can with a fork - it is not going to happen," said owner Roger Little. 

That didn't stop two Detroit teens from trying.

"They were watching for cars, so they were hiding behind the building," Little said. "And when there were no cars they would run out and do a little mayhem. 

Little was inside, heard the banging and dialed 911. Minutes later Livonia police arrived, but the suspects took off which sparked a police chase on I-275.

Livonia officers used a pit maneuver to end the pursuit at Ann Arbor Road, but the suspects still tried to take off running. Police finally caught up with 17-year-old Germaine Jackson and 18-year-old Gerrick Allen. Both were arrested and now charged with multiple felonies.

"It's happening a lot and what disturbs me the most is it is folks that probably should be in jail," Little said.

The owner says this is the third time someone has tried to rob his gun shop. Last November a guy was caught on camera trying to come through the roof of the store. 

Each time the suspects were caught - but even with insurance, Little says damage costs can add up.

"Like a lot of businesses nowadays, we are struggling and doing the best we can to hang on," Little said. "Every time something like this happens it's not good."

And it's not just his business. He says industry insiders report gun shop robberies are up 20 percent across the country and not all suspects who committed the crimes have been caught.

"Guns don't need to be on the street improperly," he said. "You come into the store, you buy a gun, fill out a background check, you have a CPL, you don't do it through the roof (or by) crashing through the bars."