Police: Double date set up with Facebook ends in armed robbery

Police call it a social media setup.

How about a double date? Dinner, movie and a gun to the face.

Ladies get a load of the two brothers who allegedly lured two unwitting victims from Inkster to a house in Ecorse and robbed them blind.

FOX 2: "How lucky are these women they were not sexually assaulted?" 

"I think they're lucky they weren't murdered," said Ecorse Sgt. Cornelius Herring. "The women were held at gunpoint. Both of them had their phones (in) purses and other information that were robbed."

Ecorse police say Rashard Thomas convinced a woman he met on Facebook to bring a friend over to hang out with him and his brother Willie who was waiting with a loaded gun, stolen from Lincoln Park.

And the next day police say Rashard did it again, inviting a Detroit woman over to "hang out." But she just got held up and robbed of $400. 

"He took out a gun, robbed her, kicked her out of the house, and sent her off walking," Herring said.

All three reported the robberies to police right after they happened but investigators made no progress, the first time around.

When police showed up that second time. Investigators told them who they were looking for the people here replied,  "Yeah, those guys are right next door."

Police found stolen phones and a victim's ID in one of the suspect's pockets.

Now they're behind bars locked up on a $250,000 cash bond and are facing armed robbery charges.

Their victims are still shaken up after the bad dates.

"They couldn't believe that something like this happened," Herring said. "And feeling like they were kind of responsible for coming into the city trying to, I guess, just meet a guy."

The Ecorse police chief says a few of his officers came in off-duty to solve these crimes and he says those three women may not be the only victims.

If any lady has had a bad date with either of the two suspects and never reported it, give Ecorse police a call.