Police: Fake cops arrested after carjacking, joyride, robbery

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Two men are behind bars and accused of posing as cops and robbing people at gunpoint. We learned about the crime spree last week that started with the suspects stealing a car and even stopping to fill it up at a gas station. Police said the guys carjacked a man, then attacked and robbed two women in the same night after telling them they were cops. Now, police are saying they may be involved in other crimes as well.

The duo's six-hour crime spree ended last week with a smashed up stolen Mustang. Police say not only did they steal cars and rob multiple people, they also posed as cops. Now, the real cops caught up to them and put them behind bars.

The two men were spotted on gas station surveillance last Wednesday when police say they carjacked a man driving this red Mustang on Fenton. After taking the car, they spent the next five hours attacking and robbing two women. First they told them they were cops then they hit one of the women in the head and they threatened to shoot the third victim.

On Monday, police caught up to them arrested both of them but not without incident, according to Jonathan Parnell with DPD.

"We conducted hours and hours of surveillance and we were able to locate one suspect in the area of Patton and Eaton in the middle of the street," Parnell said.

Police said they gave them a fake ID which was immediately recognized as one of the men's aliases. Meanwhile, the other suspect was being followed by police while he was trying to leave the state.

"He eventually made his way to Southfield where he entered a Greyhound bus with plans to go to Memphis, Tennessee," Parnell said.

With help from state police, Detroit's fugitive apprehension team and the Livingston county sheriff's office, he didn't make it very far.

"We were able to make a stop on the area of westbound I-96 and Spencer Road. We entered the bus, he offered no resistance and we took him into custody," he said.

Detroit police say the arrests were made possible by tips. When the surveillance photos were released, calls immediately started coming in.

Police say each victim identified the two men. Both are now awaiting arraignment.