Police: Friend of teen fatally hit on Eight Mile raped morning after

Detroit police say that the walking partner of the 14-year-old girl fatally hit on Eight Mile and Evergreen was raped Wednesday morning.

The two usually walked to school together and the incident happened this morning after she waited for her to show up. The victim was unaware her friend Timesha Daniel-Taylor, had been killed the night before and waited an extra 15 minutes before continuing to school. 

The teen was cutting through a field at O'Hair Park where she was raped by the man at gunpoint. He is described as a black male, about 5 feet 7 inches, about 170 pounds. He used a black handgun, a black ski mask, a black hoodie, blue basketball shorts.

He may be connected to a navy or dark blue Chrysler 300 with a white stripe on the side and shiny silver rims. Police are not sure that it was the vehicle that the man was driving. Officers want to speak with the person who was driving that car. 

Detroit police are searching for the rape suspect and were using canine units in the area today. 

Tuesday evening a van hit Timesha who was with another teen at a crosswalk after getting ice cream. The 15-year-old girl she was with, is in critical condition. The driver of the van is cooperating with police.

The teens attend nearby Detroit Henry Ford High School.

Mario Morrow, executive director of the Education Achievement Authority said that the school is taking measures to protect students.

"We have extra patrols now, and United Way patrolling the streets to make sure our students are safe going to school," Morrow said.

If you have any information contact Detroit police at (313) 596-5300.