Police investigate after teens report child kidnapped on Detroit's east side

Police are investigating after two teens called 911 on Monday morning saying they saw a little girl being kidnapped.

"Out of no where a little white van with some little hearts and stars came and they threw this little girl in the car," said Jaylin, a witness.

Jaylin, 14, says it happened off of 8 Mile Road, on Barlow near Fairmont on Detroit's east side. He describes the little girl as being about 5 years old, playing in a front yard with no shoes on.

"We saw the girl yelling the man had a gun, he told the girl if she said something or yelled he was going to kill her," Jaylin said. "He had his hand over the girl's eyes, and they just threw her in there, took off her shirt and everything."

The kids say they called 911 and ran by the side of a house but when the van took off. They returned to the scene and found this plastic hand and this small plastic heart.

Detroit police from the 9th Precinct are investigating the claims but they say no one has reported a missing child.

Meanwhile, since Jaylin's mom was at work, his principal made sure he and his young family members talked to police.

"Very unfortunate but excessively proud of him for doing the right thing, knowing what to do right away," said Principal Emily Piccoi.