Police investigate deadly shooting on Detroit's west side as dozens rush to the scene

It was the middle of the day, Wednesday, on a busy street corner where a dozen kids were playing.

Shot after shots were fired at a black Jeep. Inside was a 29-year-old man, now dead. His family calls him Cho. 

Police were there within a couple of minutes. Then more than 100 people rushed to the crime scene. Cars were lined up near Penrose and Havana where it happened on the city's west side.

The mood was hostile and tense. The FOX 2 crew was forced to stop recording as threats were hurled our way, and eventually we were forced to move blocks away. 

As medical examiners tried to look at the victim's body inside the Jeep, people started climbing trees and crossing into the crime tape, forcing officers to handle crowd control.

Witnesses told FOX 2 the victim was heading to his pregnant girlfriend's house and then a white car allegedly pulled up, blocked him, and then a red pickup truck pulled up and someone inside that truck fired the shots. 

Cho's family says they believe it was planned out. 

Police say he was ambushed, and confirmed they're looking for  older model red pickup truck in connection to this homicide, but haven't said if another car was involved.