Police investigate Dearborn domestic violence situation that left 1 dead and 1 in critical condition

As crime scene tape and police vehicles surrounded a Dearborn apartment complex Sunday, neighbors living near Park and Mason are heartbroken.

Residents say one of their friends, a 39-year-old woman, was the victim of a brutal attack. 

Her friends asked FOX 2 not to identify them. 

“She is fun-loving, had dreams, ambitious and things she wanted to do,” one said. “There was a little trick that got caught up in her game sometimes that was Jimmy, that was it.”

Friends said the woman was in an off-and-on-again relationship with 43-year-old James Lucachevitz. Dearborn Police said the woman frantically called 911 Saturday morning and stated that she was being stabbed in the face, head and throat.

“If you live in a neighborhood, and you hear someone in danger, or if you hear someone screaming and asking for help, and if you don’t want to get directly involved, at least call 911,” Lt. Mike Shaw with Michigan State Police said. “If this lady didn’t call 911 or had the opportunity to, she may not have been with us right now.”

Police said they broke down the woman’s apartment door and found Lucachevitz armed with a knife and attacking her. A 15-year Veteran of the department shot and killed the suspect, then started giving the woman first aid. We’re told she’s in a hospital in critical condition, but is expected to survive. 

“If they had not done what they did at the scene, the outcome of the woman would have been much different,” said Chief Haddad, with the Dearborn Police Department. 

Police said they’ve been called to the apartment multiple times before for domestic violence. They said Lucachevitz was wanted for several felonies and was a parole absconder. Haddad expects the officer who shot him will be on administrative leave as the investigation continues. 

Meanwhile, friends have a message for the woman as she recovers. 

“We love you man,” a friend said. “Get well. We’re going to be there for you and here for you.”