Police investigate Marysville murder as man is suspected of killing his father

In Marysville police are investigating whether a man may have killed his own father.

A 40-year-old man is in police custody as investigators are trying to determine what led to a deadly altercation between a father and a son, just days before Father's Day.

"It’s shocking. I mean, it's across the street from you. What would you think," said Carol Collins, a neighbor.

Marysville police are investigating the death of an elderly man in a suspected homicide. It happened at the Lighthouse Condominiums near Gratiot Blvd and Busha Hwy.

Police got the call around 9 a.m. Wednesday. The caller told dispatchers he killed his father with a golf club.

Police told FOX 2 the victim was in his mid-70s and may have been beaten to death. He was practically unrecognizable to state police evidence technicians.

"I heard but I don't know if it's accurate that he was hit with maybe a golf club or something," said Joan, a neighbor. Police have said that's what the 911 caller stated but haven't confirmed a cause of death yet.

The victim and suspect are believed to have lived together but it's unclear still what may have sparked the violence.

"I feel bad for the family, the victim, the son. Your whole life is destroyed for whatever happened, you know," said Joan.

Police say they had no prior contact with this family, and there were no previous issues or signs of trouble. They will have to rely on the victims' relatives to identify him. The victim’s face was beaten so badly they could not compare it to the ID in his wallet.

The suspect will likely be arraigned on Friday.