Police investigating robbery, assault of friends leaving Lions game

Two Lions fans say they were attacked after the game on Sunday. They say they were pistol whipped, punched and robbed while walking back to their car.

"It was the scariest situation in my life, and I'm sure Bethany agrees with that," says Brian Olszewski. He says the situation kept him awake at night and he didn't go to work on Monday. 

Brian says he and his friend Bethany Cousino were walking to his truck around 8 p.m. Sunday evening after being at the game and having dinner after. Brian says they saw two men that Bethany described as "creepy," so they changed their route, but a few minutes later the men caught up with them.

"They said what's up, I said what's up and they pushed me up against the fence, and then he pulls out a gun and hits me on the head," Brian says.

Brian says he's afraid but starts thinking about Bethany, who had just experienced her first Lions game.

"I hear Bethany running and screaming and the guy says empty your pockets," Brian remembers.

Brian says the guy took his money and cell phone, pointed the gun at him and told him not to move and then ran away.

Police say as that suspect was confronting Brian the other suspect ran after Bethany, hit her, told her to empty her pockets and took her items and ran away.

When Brian felt it was safe he got in his truck to find Bethany and get help.

"I'm screaming, 'Help 91, we just got robbed and they stolen my friend!' and thank God police showed up with her," Brian says.

As a season ticket holder, Brian says he's not sure how he will handle future games but he's confident he won't attend the next home game.

"I'm going to watch it from home. I have tickets. I'm going to put them on line and sell them," he says.

Detroit police say they continue to investigate and are searching for the suspects.

Brian says police did a great job in helping him and his friend.

"I'm just happy I get to see my family again," he says.