Police look for Ferndale 'peeping Tom' who has struck three times

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A Ferndale woman catches a 'peeping Tom' outside her home more than once.

During the most recent incident-- she caught the man on camera and hopes you can help track him down.  This man has struck three times and police are worried the next time he could become more aggressive. that's why they are hoping someone will recognize this creepy peeper.

"I pulled up my blinds and there was a man standing and there was a man standing about an inch away from my front window,"

This woman, who wanted us to conceal her identity is fearing for her safety after she caught a peeping tom peering through her front window.

He struck the first time about a month ago at her house on Harris Street near Martin Road Park in Ferndale.

"I yelled at him go away, I'm going to call the cops," she said. "He ran to my door and rattled it, I ran to get my cell phone and I called the cops."

The peeper got away before police arrived, but the suspect came back a few days ago and this time the 24-year-old woman had surveillance.

"I had installed a motion camera, there was notification he was running around in my yard," she said. "So I got videos of him running around the side of my house looking in back year looking in my front window."

The white man described as thin, 30 to 40 years old wearing black rimmed glasses and a beanie cap, got away.

Police working to identify the ogler, concerned he could eventually commit a more serious crime.

"If he has a legitimate reason he is looking for a pet or something, we need to know that we don't think that is the case," said  XX "We would like people to look at the video and let us know if they recognize him."

The young woman is speaking out now hoping it will lead to the arrest of the suspect who police say isn't just a nuisance, but poses a danger to women.

"It is really upsetting to come home and not feel safe in your own home," she said. "But I also feel incredibly angry that a complete stranger who feels the need to do this to someone else."