Police: Man stabbed 9-year-old brother 'multiple times'

Dearborn police are investigating why a 20-year-old stabbed his 9-year-old brother.

Police say the boy is in stable condition after he was stabbed multiple times in the incident, which happened in the 7700 block of Steadman Street.

Alhacham said the 20-year-old,  Allah Daher, is mentally unstable and was being treated at a hospital.

"They called his family and told them to take him home," uncle Ali Alhacham said. "But if you read the report from the doctor, it’s says he could fight someone or hurt himself."

Alhacham said the 9-year-old brother was stabbed in the back, neck face and eye but the eye wound is okay.

A family friend says Daher and his 9-year old brother, Omaran, were looking to play with a football and that's when something went wrong.

"Allah started maybe joke or play with his brother not with football, but with a knife," said Dr. Dib Saab, a family friend. "Thinking he was playing."

Police say the 20-year-old brother was taken into police custody and is scheduled to be arraigned this week. Those who know him say Allah has been in altercations with people in the neighborhood.

"We talk to other people fighting with him and we explain what's going on, he has some mental challenge," Saab said.

Family members say they don't understand why their loved one was released from the hospital and this incident could have been prevented.

"If you know this guy has this problem and he's unsafe for his family why did you release him," Saab said. "Why do you not continue treating him."