Police: Man strangled, cut off fingers of Troy woman

He's accused of strangling 21-year-old Jessica White then stuffing her body in a closet at his family's home.

Graphic details of a gruesome crime were read to the judge by a Hazel Park detective on Thursday.

"He willfully strangled Jessica to death by wrapping a belt around her neck," testified Det. Joseph Lowry, Hazel Park police. "Jordan advised detectives that he cut off Jessica's finger tips with a bolt cutter."

Jordan McClanahan is the suspected killer and in court he began to offer a drug-filled explanation.

"Some oxycontin and some Xanax and mixed it with Effexor, Wellbutrin and ibuprofen and I drank on top of it," McClanahan said. "And I remember picking her up, coming back to the party store and going to my house. And then I remember drinking and I remember my dad ..."

Judge: "You remember you have the right to remain silent."

McClanahan: "Yeah."

He was quickly cut off by the judge and will be held in jail without bond on charges of murder and mutilating the body

"I want to hurt the kid, truthfully, I'm very angry at the things he did to her," said Zack Borvage, a friend of the family.

The victim is 21-year-old Jessica White, who was reported missing on April 24.

The last person believed to have contact with her was McClanahan, who told police he dropped her off in Detroit, and then never saw her again.

However on Tuesday his own family brought McClanahan to the Troy Police Department where he confessed to strangling her with a belt and using a bolt cutter to cut off her fingers.
But that's not how this family will remember her.
"She was a very caring, loving, happy person," Borvage said. "She was the life of the party kind of girl, everybody loves her."

When asked what the victim's family needs at this point. We were told privacy.