Police: Man used hammer, taped bags over heads to kill sister, her boyfriend

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Producer Note: The details of this story are disturbing and the testimony is graphic, and may be upsetting for some.

A man accused of killing his sister and her boyfriend was ordered to stand trial on first-degree murder charges Wednesday. The bodies of the victims were found stuffed in trash bags inside a shed in Clinton Township.

"When I found the bags, my heart sunk," said Kevin Marzejka, the suspect's brother. "We could tell something was in there that was dead or rotten."

It was a gruesome discovery for Kevin last summer when he found the bodies of his sister 18-year-old Danielle Marzejka and her boyfriend, 19-year-old Seren Bryan, stuffed in garbage bags inside a shed behind their Clinton Township mobile home.

"From there I could see a pale, veiny leg," Kevin testified. He testified against his brother 24-year-old Robert Marzejka, who's been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

Danielle and Seren went missing last August. Their best friend said she became so concerned after not hearing from them that she searched Danielle's room.

"Something was off. Her pillows and blankets were missing, there was a blue top sheet there that had not been there prior," said Khriscinda Whaley.

There was no sign of Danielle or Seren for three days until Saturday, Aug. 26 when Kevin took a look around the trailer.

"I noticed in the back of the shed there was thousands of flies," Kevin said.

Danielle's father tore open a bag and found a body. Then police arrived to find both bodies. A medical examiner determined their skulls had been crushed. Danielle and Seren were allegedly then suffocated with duct tape used to bound and gag them.

"She has a black trash bag around her head. It appears that her wrists had been previously taped to her ankles," said Det. Jay Anderson with Clinton Township police.

Police determined Robert Marzejka had bludgeoned the two with a hammer, finding the tool in another bag along with bloody pillows and bedding and a roll of tape.

"The entire inside was just caked with blood. It looked like almost as if someone painted it red," said Steven Vasilides, an evidence tech with Clinton Township police. 

In Danielle's room, police using blood detection spray to find evidence that they say shows Robert tried to clean up what he'd done.

"Every wall of the room had blood on it," Vasilides testified. 

Police found more blood-stained items shoved in the back of Robert's room, including his clothing and towels, but Robert was long gone. Police found him three days later in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"He has a wig on, a ridiculous long blond wig and a hat on, and sunglasses over his hat," Det. Anderson said.

Despite Robert Marzejka being found competent to stand trial, his attorney reiterated Wednesday that the 24-year-old had to be hospitalized several times for mental health issues. His brother Kevin also testified that prior to their mother dying, Robert didn't have any prior mental problems. 

But prosecutors stressed that Robert could have saved Danielle and Seren by removing the tape, instead of "packing them like garbage." The judge agreed.

Robert Marzejka will now head to trial on all charges. He's due back in court March 25. He faces life in prison. 

His attorney says his defense will be insanity.