Police: Note in Michigan State shooter pocket said he felt 'slighted;' described as loner

The two pistols found with Michigan State mass shooter Anthony McRae were bought legally in 2021 - and on his person there were nine extra magazines of ammunition showint planning was used in the attack.

New details are emerging about the Michigan State mass shooter after contents a two-page note in Anthony McRae’s pocket are being revealed. 

It was found after he killed himself, just around the corner from his house in Lansing after his shooting spree that killed three students - Brian Fraser, Arielle Anderson and Alexandria Verner, and wounded five others.

"It looks like possibly a motive for that, was that he felt slighted, and that's what the note indicated," said Lt. Rene Gonzalez, MSU police.

In the note he introduced himself as the shooter at MSU and says he’s part of a group of 20 killers - then includes a list of threats to be carried out at businesses, a random church, and at schools in his former school district in Ewing, New Jersey.

"We found that he had contact with some of those places," said Gonzalez. "He was an employee of the Meijer warehouse at one time, and a couple of the other businesses. It appeared he had some issues with the employees there and he was asked to leave."

In an interview with McRae’s dad – it paints a picture of a loner.

"He had mentioned that his son does not have any friends," Gonzalez said. "He pretty much sat in his room most of the time. He ate and went to the bathroom in there, and he pretty much never left his room, and his father didn't believe he had any friends."

The pain is fresh, and now new questions about what will campus security look like, which already with thousands of surveillance cameras.

MSU police chief Marlon Lynch said, last fall – they started moving towards a real-time camera monitoring system that’s not done yet, but it will provide another layer of security in the future.

"An example would be in a situation like that, the location would be identified," said Marlon Lynch, MSU police. "The operator would know that the particular location has 'X' number of cameras, and would begin automatically pulling the cameras up to help in the overall response."


The first crime scene, Berkey Hall – will be closed for the rest of the semester and the union, who knows at this point.

There is a circulating petition to give students and online option to finish out the semester – but MSU’s Interim President Theresa Woodruff says it’s all up for consideration right now.

"I believe we are a strong community and we will not allow a single individual to take our university from us," she said.

Another aspect police are investigating is whether McRae had applied for a job at Michigan State University and was denied.