Police, residents crack down on Detroit dumping

Detroit carpet cleaner caught dumping near urban farm

The Oakland Avenue Urban Farm was the scene of an alleged illegal dumping three weeks ago.

A man from Mystic Touch Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Macomb County was caught disposing of his foul-smelling wastewater right there in the street.

Lieutenant Rebecca Mckay says she's grateful for anyone in the community who's going to step up because that's what it's going to take.

Jerry Hebron and another farmer decided to confront the dumper.

"Why are you dumping it in a residential area," said Hebron.

The man told Hebron, there's nothing wrong with it, nobody cares, this place is a dump.

Hebron called the mayor's office then posted her pictures on Facebook. The post made it to FOX 2 Amy Lange who was able to track down Robert Stephanowski.

Stephanowski was issued a $5,000 blight violation, his van was impounded, and got a warrant for his arrest.

"He honestly doesn't think what he was doing was wrong, " said Mckay.

Mckay says he told her all his chemicals are environmentally safe but the labels on his products clearly read differently.

There are citizens like Jerry Hebron and her neighbors, who care about the environment, their neighborhood, and their city.

"We have cameras everywhere, the cameras, the officers engaged on patrol, the citizens, and they all are watching you," said Mckay.

The message coming from all corners is pretty clear: Detroit is not your dumping ground.

"I just want to encourage everybody to speak up, you are the change, call it out when you see it," said Detroit resident.