Police say drugs were sold out of Florida daycare

Four people have been arrested, accused of selling drugs out of an Oviedo, Florida daycare center.  Virginia Ponder, Jordan Ponder, Madison Ponder and Jesse Pryor each face a long list of drug-related charges. 

The daycare is run out of a house on River Birch Avenue.  Police say after searching the home, it was discovered that cannabis and drug equipment was located approximately 1 to 2 feet away from a child's play pin.  The arrest report also states that there was a glass smoking device/water bong also within grasp of the children. In addtion, police say PCP was also being sold out of that house.

Virginia Ponder, who runs the Ponder Family Daycare, is being charged possession of cannabis under 20 grams and possession of drug equipment.  She also faces child neglect charges.  Her son, Jordan Ponder, is being charged with possession of (PCP) phencyclidine with intent, possession of cannabis over 20 grams with intent, and possession of drug equipment . Her daughter, Madison Ponder, is being charged possession of Xanax (Alprazolam), SCH IV. 


A family friend, Jesse Pryor, is being charged with possession of cannabis under 20 grams, and attempting the destruction of evidence, after investigators said he tried to flush some of the evidence down a toilet.