Police say man armed with AK-47 and high on drugs was fatally shot in apartment

Ann Arbor police are investigating a fatal shooting inside an apartment that killed a 33-year-old Detroit man.

The victim, 33-year-old John Myrick IV, was allegedly high on drugs and armed with an AK-47 holding people against their will on July 9. Police said it received a call for an emotionally disturbed person holding the people against their will and making threats to harm or kill them.

A visitor in the apartment, Myrick, was described to be high on drugs and was acting erratically while armed with an AK-47 inside the apartment from another 911 call placed from inside.

Once Ann Arbor police arrived, the people from inside left the apartment and said Myrick was shot inside. Two of the occupants inside the apartment were allegedly attacked by Myrick prior to the shooting.

Officers entered the apartment and found the deceased suffering from apparent gunshot wounds.

The occupants of the apartment during the time of the incident have been questioned by AAPD Detectives and released. This is an ongoing death investigation, and the events leading to the shooting death are still under investigation. At this time, there is no indication of general risk to the public.

Myrick was visiting with his brother, a 23-year-old male, who lived in the apartment) at the apartment. The other individuals inside the apartment at the time of the incident were a 21-year-old male who resides in the apartment, his 21-year-old girlfriend (who resides in Detroit), and another 27-year-old male who also resides in the apartment.

Detectives are awaiting the official medical examiner's report. The investigative findings will be reviewed by the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s office upon completion.

Anyone with any information relating to this incident is asked to please contact Detective Dave Monroe at 734.794.6930 x49308 or dmonroe@a2gov.org, or the AAPD Tip line at 734.996.3199 or email tips@a2gov.org.