Police search for third suspect involved in a string of violent carjackings

Detroit Police Chief, James Craig has one message for the third man involved in a string of violent carjackings that happened across the city.

"We're going to find you. It's a matter of time," Craig said. 

"We know many times these cases go unsolved because people know, they see, and they say nothing," Craig also said. 

But Craig believes it was the community that helped police capture 22-year-old Kyle Cherry from Taylor.

"Big break," Craig said. "I mean we're talking about very dangerous. We believe these individuals are involved in a series of carjackings."

Police had been searching for Cherry since early Tuesday morning, after an off-duty Harper Woods police officer was carjacked outside of a BP gas station. While one man held the cop at gunpoint, Craig says Cherry was inside a white van with a third man. 

"The car that they were in was a car that was carjacked the night prior," Craig said. 
Police arrested on man involved, but Chery was on the run. Then, after receiving a tip, cops tried to make a traffic stop near Lonyo and Dix, but the officers were met with gunfire. Thankfully, no one was hit. 

"They simply said this is what we do and we're trying to make our city safer and I applaud them. They're two heroes," Craig said. 

Police finally caught Cherry Tuesday evening at a home on Norman Street. The gun that was used to shoot at the officers was recovered at a third location. 

"He was a career criminal," Craig said. He had a history and he was currently on parole."

Records show Cherry had been sentenced to one to five years in prison in June 2018, initially charged with one count of unlawfully driving away of a vehicle. That charge dropped and Cherry pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of receiving and concealing stolen property.

"We knew that he was very dangerous and certainly not only a threat to the community, but a threat to our police officers," Craig said. 

While being unsure how many carjackings this crew could be responsible, police are working hard to identify and find the third man. 

"If someone is harboring someone involved in a violent crime, we're coming after you too," Craig said. 

If you have any information on  the third guy involved in the carjackings, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SpeakUp.