Police searching for driver who hit, dragged trick-or-treater

A 14-year-old girl was seriously hurt after being hit by a car while trick-or-treating in Pittsfield Township.

The driver stopped, but the girl was dragged for two miles by a second vehicle.

Kyle Zilch was driving on Ellsworth in Pittsfield Township when he realized his vehicle hit something on the road. He soon realized that a teen had been hit by another motorist, who called 911.

"I heard a thump under my wheels and I was startled," said Zilch. "There were people screaming all over the place, there were a bunch of kids on sidewalk, yelling up and down."

The teen was nowhere to be found. Police say a second vehicle also hit the teen, dragging her to the area of I-94 and Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti Township where she was found and rushed to a local hospital.

Zilch says his vehicle was taken by police as evidence because investigators were not sure if his vehicle had also hit the teen before she was dragged. Zilch then posted messages on Fox 2's Facebook page.

"I was driving one of those vehicles last night. I really hope she is going to recover," said Zilch in the message. "Is there a way to see if she is still with us? I haven't been able to sleep since it happened."

Zilch says police returned his vehicle and gave him some comforting news.

"My vehicle thankfully did not actually strike the young girl," Zilch said. "I feel very relieved for that. I ended up running over, I guess it was her bag or something that she was carrying."

Police want anyone that can help them with the investigation to contact them immediately so they can find the driver of the second vehicle.

"We're currently looking for a older model car, possible import, black in color, was described as dirty in condition, and it did have Michigan plate, but that is unknown at time," said Deputy Chief Gordy Schick with the Pittsfield Township Police.

Zilch hopes the driver does the right thing.